Windows 2 Worship is, in essence, a “Worship Seminar”, empowering the worship team to grow alongside the vision of the pastor and assist in the overall mission of the local body. Pastors have access to mentors and coaches, but most worship leaders are lacking a mentor. Windows 2 Worship is dedicated to enhancing the overall worship experience of your church. Our mission is “to impact and to impart into worship ministries by partnering with the vision of the local church”.

General Session

Worship Leading 101

  • Leaders go first
  • Hymns vs. Contemporary Worship
  • When to do original tunes
  • How to run an effective rehearsal
  • How to build a worship team

Breakout Session

  • Sound
  • Song Writing
  • Building Teams

General Session

  • Pay or don’t pay
  • Christian or non Christian
  • Should they sit in service or out and why
  • How do I get multi bass/drummers/ keyboard players?

General Session

Q & A Topics

  •  Song Writing
  • Praise vs. Performance
  • Worship Leader Pastor Relationship
  • Worship Rock Star (when to do your own project)

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